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by Deborah Perdue, author of Daily Gratitude Reflections and Grace of Gratitude Journal.

“Our call is to stay in Amaze!”
Mark Nepo

I am so thankful to be in constant awe of the magic of life, realizing how wondrous it truly is!
Sure, sometimes I forget, but I maintain a steady viewpoint of wonder.
Creation is sublime, whether God’s infinite creations throughout universe upon universe,
or the astonishing beauty of each person’s own creativity, or my own bubbling brook of art and writing.
I relish my wide-eyed wonder, my childlike exuberance, my zest for life.
And I am grateful to be sure that I will stay in Amaze forever.

“The covenant of love is to expect that those we care for will change and blossom.”
Mark Nepo

I am grateful to go against conventional wisdom that says that people don’t change.
In my own life, I have watched myself and others evolve, grow and change in monumental ways,
so I know it is possible.
I am so glad to watch those around me use their life lessons and challenges as spiritual fodder
to become more of the best of themselves!
Thankfully, I honor transformation and the new.

“Perseverance furthers.”
I Ching

I am grateful to watch healing happen in my life, both physically and emotionally.
What started out as a medical wake-up call is being reversed with actions steps, and querying into root causes underneath the diagnosis.
Completely thankful that I listened, paid heed and corrected places
where I wasn’t taking care of my body temple
and even more thankful to uncover unhealed places within, with the help of amazing healers.

I am grateful for sparkling sunshine and deep blue skies, after snow and rain and winter fog!
Today’s show of bright light was dazzling!
When the sun shines after somber grey skies, I feel like a groundhog blinking in the light,
coming out from my hole.
Along with later sunsets, today’s sunshine reminds me that warmth and comfort and verdant new growth will be here soon.
And the weather and seasons are a metaphor:
When I’m feeling sad or depressed, I am grateful that newfound joy is never that far away either.

I am in gratitude for remembering that beyond all the discord and upset and anger in the world, that is even within me to a degree, there is also a quiet, comforting, serene Presence always there for us.
It is the quiet love, the quiet peace, the oneness that permeates all of life, and is deep within me and you, always.
Right there for the listening.
I am thankful to be able to connect with God and feel that support and guidance.

“Happiness is to appreciate what you have; unhappiness is to dwell on what you don’t have.”
Rabbi Shimon Ben Zoma (2nd century)
The idea of being grateful couldn’t be simpler.
It is focusing on what we have, thus feeling fulfilled and rich with appreciation!
It’s not always easy to stay in that space, though, with all the twists and turns and dramas of life.
I am so thankful to dedicate myself to being a Gratitude Gal.

If I lose my perspective and start griping or complaining,
then I mentally start counting my blessings or put them on paper.
A wise mentor told me to go on a Rampage of Appreciation when feeling down,
thinking of every single thing that is great about my life, and I find it works.

When I stay in gratitude, I stay in peace and love and joy.

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