Letting Your Light Shine



Have you ever been somewhere, either at a party or restaurant or a store, and saw someone walk in and be completely blown away because something about them drew you in? I have, and I think what draws me in with people like this is that they let their light shine so the world sees it, not just those they love.

I was recently standing at a counter in a store when a woman walked in.  Even though three people had walked in before her, when she came in, all eyes were on her.  “Hello!” she said brightly. There was a shift in the energy and it felt like she was a ball of sunshine warming the air. There was a younger woman and older woman behind me, and based on their similar features I assumed they were mother and daughter. I overheard the mother say to her daughter, ‘She looks like you when you’re in love’ and then I heard the daughter reply, ‘She looks like everyone when they’re in love.’ They giggled and I smiled to myself, knowing what they meant.

This was a woman whose vibration was high and she was sharing her light with the world.  Not just with a beloved someone, or with family and friends, but the world.

Part of creating the world we dream of involves feeling gratitude each day and letting our light shine for all the world to see.

The mother and daughter in line behind me weren’t off track, because when you’re able to do that, it’s like being in love with the world.

Give thanks – feel gratitude – let your light shine for the world to see – fall in love with everyone – attract the life you dream of.


Deborah Perdue, RScP

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