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July 3

I am so grateful for FREEDOM —
not only the freedoms we do enjoy in the U.S.
but the freedoms that are ours inherently as spiritual beings having a human experience.

The ultimate freedom we have is freedom of choice
which is why no psychic can truly predict the future.

We are free to choose in every moment of our lives
and this is a God-given freedom that we sometimes squander
or don’t accept choosing victimhood instead.

But we are free!

I am so thankful for my freedom to love, to be in joy, to feel inner peace no matter what is happening around me

I am thankful for all the choices I get to make
to create a sublime life.

Happy Independence Day!


July 4

Grateful to have taken the day off and hope you did, too!


July 5

“Yet to love someone is an art.

It does not come simply or cheaply but is a lifetime’s work.”

– John O’Donahue


I am grateful for my own loving, caring, nurturing, supportive nature.

I have honed it through the years so that I am no longer co-dependent,

yet I still watch over my loved ones, and it does take experience, patience and wisdom to love deeply.

It is perhaps most difficult for me to love myself.

On the surface I do, but sometimes feeling compassion for myself comes harder.

I am thankful to have learned to love myself and others in a healthy way, in an unconditional way, in a giving no-strings-attached way.

And I know loving and being open to be loved is our most important work, and stretches over lifetimes.


July 6

“A few fly bites cannot stop a spirited horse.”

– Mark Twain


I am in gratitude for my tenacity. If things go awry, I keep on keeping on until I get a better outcome.

So much to be said for not giving up!

Truly thankful for the determination and persistence I show, time and time again.

And I enjoy that quality in others, as well.


July 7

“All is Infinite Being and all is eternally becoming.”

– Ernest Holmes


To really understand that everywhere, everything, and everyone is part of the All-in-All is so amazing and so comforting. We, as little specks in the infinitely expanding universe are not alone, we are not separate, we are intricately linked by our very being. We belong.

I am so grateful to feel the truth of what I am saying deep within me, without doubt.


Deborah Perdue, RScP


Author of “Grace of Gratitude Journals”

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