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Here are this week’s offering of thoughts of thanksgiving, by Deborah Perdue, author of Daily Gratitude Reflections and Grace of Gratitude Journal.

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May 22

Thankful to be loving, to be loved, and to be in love with life.

I believe that one definition of God IS love, and that when all is said and done, how we have loved others and ourselves
is the most important aspect of life. Certainly it is not all the stuff we own, or status symbols we collect!

I am grateful to worship at the altar of Love, sweet Love!


May 23

Overflowing gratitude for each new door that I enter.
New ideas, new opportunities, new ventures
can be scary because they are not familiar, but oh-so-exciting!

I am grateful to be the kind of person who will turn the knob and walk right in
to something unknown that I am called to do.

Very thankful for my adventurous spirit!


May 24

Beauty and magic abound in nature, in the universe, in our lives.

I am so grateful to see, touch, feel and acknowledge the splendor of all.


I find these qualities in the tiny seeds sprouting this Spring;

in the clear, flowing waters with myriad shades of green and blue;

in the starry, sparkling, infinite night skies;

in the giant, wise trees who have lived for ages…


And most of all beauty and magic is found in our own hearts when we let love and peace arise.


I am grateful to be keenly aware of all the loveliness in this world and beyond.


May 25

As summer flirts with us, and Mother Nature caresses me with warm and dazzling sunshiny days,

I am overflowing with gratitude for the BLISS I feel

welling up from my heart and soul.


May 26

“One of life’s most fulfilling moments occurs in the split-second when the familiar is suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new.”

-Edward B. Lindaman


Thankful for for turning a fixed viewpoint upside down, and seeing it in a whole new way —

like an abstract painting that can be rotated, and each vista is amazing.

To look, really look at a blossom close up, studying it, and all of a sudden it is much more than I’ve ever seen before;

a tiny cosmos in its own right.


Life IS dazzling and filled with grand surprises

and I am ever grateful.


Deborah Perdue, RScP


Author of “Grace of Gratitude Journals”

and “Grace of Gratitude Reflections”

and “Path of Gratitude Coloring Book”

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