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Watercolor artwork © Tara Thelen, from the Grace of Gratitude Journals. Photography by Deborah Perdue.


Here are this week’s offering of thoughts of thanksgiving, by Deborah Perdue, author of Daily Gratitude Reflections and Grace of Gratitude Journal.

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May 1, 2017

“The world is a place where the extraordinary can sit just beside the ordinary with the thinnest of boundaries.”

Jodi Picoult


The dance of majesty with the mundane is truly remarkable, and I am grateful for the thin veil between the grounded things we can count on, like gravity and space and time,

and then the miracles and magic that are Spirit’s domain, and reveal themselves with a deeper intuitive vision.

Amidst newly sprouted grass pop up tiny yellow wild irises today, and this reminds me of this dance.


Watercolor artwork © Tara Thelen, from the Grace of Gratitude Journals. Photography by Deborah Perdue.


May 2, 2017


“The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within—strength, courage, dignity.”

Ruby Dee

Although I sometimes bemoan being older, because my youthful beauty has diminished,
it IS so true that beauty from within is immeasurable and precious.

I am so grateful for my brave and strong spirit.

I walk in the elegance of dignity.

I am thankful to appreciate the innermost shrine of myself, and others.


May 3, 2017

So grateful for longtime friends who I can be completely natural with, where there is no pretense…

I treasure such cozy friendships, filled with honesty, love & support.

And it does not matter how long it’s been,

we start right up again as if no time has passed.


I have a plaque that I love which says:

“Make new friends

and keep the old.

One is silver, the other gold.”


I am thankful for all of my friends, both silver and gold.


May 4, 2017

Dear friends,

Today I offer a thought of thanksgiving from one of my fellow gratitude aficionados, Lee Inkmann. I have shared some of her wonderful thoughts before. Thank you, Lee!

 Today I am grateful for routines and how comforting they are. To structure life’s bonuses and surprises and challenges around a solid core of familiar rhythms, makes sense to me. I am content with the things in my life that are remaining the same. I even thrive on these patterns! 

Lee I.


May 5, 2017

“And so, our work — no matter where life takes us — is to let the light of the soul

and the depth of the world bring down the walls of fear.”

Mark Nepo


I love the work of bringing down the walls of fear…….

catching the times that I am going there and re-routing myself

into the realm of ALL IS WELL.

And as I bring down self-imposed walls, I light up my life and come to be a lantern to the world —

a fulfilling, rewarding vocation!

I am so grateful to be on my spiritual path, stumbling upon wisdom and illumination here, there and everywhere.


Deborah Perdue, RScP


Author of “Grace of Gratitude Journals”

and “Grace of Gratitude Reflections”

and “Path of Gratitude Coloring Book”

all of these and much more at www.graceofgratitude.com

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