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Here are this week’s offering of thoughts of thanksgiving, by Deborah Perdue, author of Daily Gratitude Reflections and Grace of Gratitude Journal.

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June 5

“Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude.

Perceiving life in a consciousness of gratitude is literally stepping into another dimension of living.

Suddenly the seeming ordinariness of your days takes on a divine sparkle.”

~Michael Beckwith


I am grateful to delight in the divine sparkle of life

as I relish and savor all that I have to be grateful for.

There is so much more to appreciate than to complain about.

I bask in the extraordinary world of thankfulness whenever I can.


June 6

Incredibly thankful for the love and connections I share with so many —
with my cozy family consisting of my husband and our two cherished furry friends;
and with my dear sisters who are so close to me;
and my stepkids and darling grandsons;
and with the close-knit spiritual family I am so blessed to have chosen;
and with all the fabulous friends who I share interests with like fellow authors and artists and prayer partners and progressives 🙂

I know that love is of utmost importance in this life
and I am happy to share my love with so many, including loving ME

Grateful grateful grateful!


June 7

I am very grateful that I am usually able to keep a positive, optimistic outlook on life, even when things go awry in a less than ideal way. This is a true gift and I know not everyone possesses such a trait.

So thankful to stay in a high vibration expecting the best and then watching it unfold!


June 8

“Follow your nature

and accord with the Tao;

Saunter along and stop worrying.”

~Hsin-hsin Ming, 7th Century A.D.


I skip and meander along my path, letting go of all worries!

I am filled with great gratitude to cast off burdens as I go,

assured that the Way is always shown.


June 9

“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated.”

~Brene Brown


This week I had an opportunity to set healthy boundaries with someone.

It can feel intimidating to do so, because I am unsure of the reaction, but I’ve noticed when I draw the line,

a person is usually respectful and accepting.


I am very grateful for this acquired skill that has gotten easier as I age.

It is sometimes absolutely necessary, and let’s me feel powerful and autonomous and free!


Deborah Perdue, RScP


Author of “Grace of Gratitude Journals”

and “Grace of Gratitude Reflections”

and “Path of Gratitude Coloring Book”

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