Daily Gratitude Week of July 24


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

– Marianne Williamson (also attributed to Nelson Mandela)

Some of my life I didn’t feel powerful, instead I felt powerless and dependent upon outside forces.
Later I shrank from my own power, and was timid and played small.
Today I am grateful to own and feel the power of my being!
There is nothing I can’t accomplish with determination, creativity and courage.
I know I am powerful beyond measure, with the help of my higher power,
and I am so thankful this is so.


“As the Sun shines upon my heart, so may my heart shine upon others!”

– The Upanishads

Let me remember that a shining, bright, loving heart is precious.
Let me take a break from the hustle and bustle
and shine my love light on as many as I can,
starting with my family who I sometimes take for granted,
and extending out to all I meet each day.
I am incredibly grateful to have such a loving, tender heart
and I choose to share it!


“We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but today is overflowing with potential.”

– Allan Lokos

I am so grateful to be able to stay in the present moment — it’s not always easy, but so comforting and soothing when I do, rather than planning or plotting the future, which in reality, we cannot change anyway.

Ram Dass really had something when he coined the sixties’ term “Be Here Now” which is practically a cliche but so darn wise.

I seize the moment, rich with a multitude of possibilities, and open to the zest of life!


As long as the candle burns, there is time to make repairs.

Rabbi Salanter

Life offers endless possibilities and among those, there is the opportunity to do things differently.

When I make a mistake or err, I can always make amends to myself or someone else.

Life is a cornucopia of second chances and choices.

I am grateful for growing wiser as I age, and so grateful that my candle keeps on burning!


“How many times have I died only to be born again out of the ashes of my unbelief?

How many times has my precious God loved me through the tempests of my own doubt, fear and feelings of unworthiness?”

– Rev. Karen S. Wylie

I am so grateful for all the resurrections of my life!

With each fall from grace and subsequent ascension, I truly grow stronger.

All I have to do is listen to the still, small voice within that assures me that I am worthy beyond measure

and if it doesn’t matter in the Big Picture, there is no need to worry!

I am thankful for divine wisdom, and the remembrance of who I truly am when my mind niggles and falters.


Watercolor artwork © Tara Thelen, from the Grace of Gratitude Journals. Photography by Deborah Perdue.


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