50 Free Things to Be Grateful for!

“If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that don’t cost money.”

I am so thankful for the gifts of my life, that are free and unfettered. Good health, stable home life, love that abounds, pets that adore, country living, wondrous nature, my own creativity, the ability to give and receive, sparkling night skies and waters, the overall magic and wonder and mystery of life that is always visible when I open my spiritual eyes to see. I am in deep gratitude for the lavish riches of life!

If you want to feel more abundance, if you want to feel more prosperous even if you don’t have much money, take time to savor all the things in your life that don’t cost anything. Feeling grateful is the antidote to not-enoughness, because we are focusing on what is there, what we have, rather than what we don’t. We can take stock of many, many things that are abundant in life when feeling scarcity and immediately feel better. Below is a list of 50 things I am grateful for that don’t cost a dime. Join me and make the list longer!

1. Waking up to a new dawn each morning with brand new possibilities
2. A friend who loves me unconditionally
3. Loving and accepting someone unconditionally
4. Taking a walk in nature
5. Sunflowers brightly blooming in the summertime
6. A profusion of Golden Delicious apples on a tree in our yard
7. The beauty of reflections in water
8. A newborn infant’s eyes
9. The devoted, unfailing love of a dog or cat
10. Dramatic sunsets on the beach
11. Laughing and being silly
12. Imagination
13. Spirituality
14. Sharing
15. Caring
16. Being willing
17. Being nurtured and nurturing
18. Freedom
19. Free will!
20. The realization that life is infinite
21. Gazing at a night sky
22. Enjoying the sound of a stream or river or waterfall
23. Communication
24. Intuition
25. Creativity!
26. Peace, quiet, serenity
27. Appreciating the change of seasons
28. All the colors of the rainbow
29. Music and rhythm and harmonious singing
30. Hugs and kisses
31. Snuggling
32. Fresh clear water to drink and swim in
33. Wildlife – deer and jack rabbits
34. Feeling oh so deeply and passionately
35. Baby lambs, puppies, and kitties
36. The beauty of snowflakes falling
37. Joy!
38. All the colors of the rainbow
39. Dancing
40. Fragrances like lavender, rosemary and thyme
41. Library books
42. Positivity and optimism
43. Meditation
44. Gifts
45. Kind deeds and compassion
46. Non-judgmental understanding
47. Peace like a river
48. Honesty and integrity
49. Self-Love
50. Living in gratitude

Deborah Perdue is the author of several books on the topic of gratitude. She has written two Grace of Gratitude Journals, Grace of Gratitude Reflections and is presently working on a new book, Daily Gratitude Reflections – 365 Guides to Great-ful Living to be released Fall 2016. www.graceofgratitude.com. She teaches workshops, classes and retreats on the topics of gratitude, and bringing more joy and peace into our lives. She is also an accomplished book designer, www.illuminationgraphics.com and a nature photographer.

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